5 Benefits of Boudoir Photography

  1. The Boudoir Experience can boost your self esteem and confidence. Boudoir photography allows you to see yourself in a new light and appreciate your body in ways you couldn't see on your own.
  2. Booking a Boudoir Session of your own is an opportunity to celebrate yourself! Through out our lives our bodies are changing continuously. Everyone's journey is different but they all include milestones that deserve celebration. Anything from birthdays, weddings, pregnancies, gender affirming surgeries, divorce, self discovery, to simply wanting to document your body as it moves through time.
  3. Experiencing a present, connected, embodied experience with the guidance of a skilled professional photographer can help you re-connect to yourself and build a better connection with your body.
  4. Doing things that are outside of your comfort zone can quickly show you that you are stronger and far more able than you thought you were. Plus, you're not alone! An experienced boudoir photographer will support you through out the entire session.
  5. When you have a positive boudoir experience you are able to re-visit that memory when you need a confidence boost or pick-me-up. The entire experience from the beauty chair to the image reveal will be full of moments where you feel seen, beautiful and confident. These moments will be points in time you can return to in your mind to remind yourself of these same feelings.