What's Holding You Back From Your Own Boudoir Experience?

A Boudoir Experience is an intimate and empowering experience that can help you grown in your confidence and feel beautiful in your body. However, many people are hesitant to schedule a session for themselves.

What's holding you back? What story are you telling yourself? Is it even true?

The stories we tell ourselves about boudoir, our bodies and our value and worth often times keep us from experiencing a full and exhilarating life. They can also keep us (out of protection of course!) from doing the exact things that would actually move us toward the acceptance and healing we truly deserve.

Often times the story being told around the Boudoir Experience is about our self image. We are too much or not enough something. Speaking to ourselves with language that often sounds like "I could never look like the other people in the images online. How am I suppose to 'be sexy'? What if my (insert insecurity here) shows? I would look so silly and foolish! What would (insert anyone who you don't want to be judged by here) think about me if I did something like that?"

One of the phrases I hear most often is, "I could NEVER do that, I am SO AWKWARD!"

Babes, my loves, NO you aren't.

Okay, hold on, yes, I understand the fear, the belief, the feelings here. It's kind of scary doing something outside of your comfort zone. Yeah, its gonna freak you out a little.

But the thing is, YOU, just being YOU is all that is required for the Boudoir Experience. It's not a performance or a show. It's not pretending to be something or someone you aren't (though that can be fun too!).

It's showing up and trusting yourself. Knowing your worth, your value, your body, your mind, your essence, your life, ALL will benefit from investing in an experience that will elevate you and empower you.

It's hiring a photographer that you trust. One that has positive testimonials and speaks online in a way that resonates with you. Someone who's art/style excites you and someone you would have FUN collaborating with. Do your research and find the best one for YOU. There are many amazingly talented Boudoir Photographers all over the world.

It's understanding that sometimes (often times, honestly) the one thing that we need to do to feel better, to heal the pain or re-build the connection we desire with ourselves and our bodies, is the same thing we are "waiting to do when we feel better".

What a silly little coincidence. The one thing that will potentially launch us into the relationship we crave with ourselves is often times the one thing we won't let ourselves have until we 'reach the end' of whatever journey we are on.

Here's the thing though, the Boudoir Experience isn't the END of your journey. Sometimes it's the BEGINNING. And more often then not, it becomes a part of it ALL. You find yourself returning again and again as you move through life, documenting your body and your true essence along the way.

The Boudoir Experience meets you where you are, holds the space that you need, offers the support you deserve and in the end, it's actually the solution to what ultimately was holding you back from the start.

We've had it backwards all along. Boudoir begins the healing, begins the connection, begins the self love and self care, begins the confidence and empowerment.

So what's holding you back now?